• Mark: I really enjoyed shooting the video because it was like acting at the same time. It took a couple of days on some moorland near London - my favourite shot is when Howard goes past on his bike.
  • Howard: We filmed it just off Canary Wharf in this disused factory. On the second day I was actually a bit ill and they were playing in the snow - well, the false snow. I couldn't play in it because I had a really bad chest. Besides that it was good fun filming, and I really wanted to keep that bicycle but they wouldn't let me.
  • Jason: I arrived on the shoot and Howard rode past on this bike, wearing these silly old clothes. I don't think many people know it's him, they think it's a walk-on, or a ride-on. It just tickled me a bit.
  • Howard: I remember seeing the finished version. We were playing live at Wembley, ran onto the coach because it's got a video player on it, and we had a few little tears in our eyes when we watched it. I think Gary had tears in his eyes because he couldn't stop laughing with me on that bike. He kept having to rewind it to have a good laugh.
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